23 May

A recent trademark filing by a company known as Podophobia Entertainment, founded by Bungie-veterans Harold Ryan and Martin O’Donnell, suggests that the rumored MMOFPS Destiny may in development at the studio. Though Bungie previously refused to comment on specific rumors, the name Destiny has been linked to the developer on multiple occassions.

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The name¬†initially¬†surfaced when a former Bungie contractor spoke leaked about a ‘Project Destiny’ and told press that the game was going to be a sci-fi first-person MMO. To add further substance to the story, a Bungie employee was recently spotted wearing a T-shirt with the logo associated with the Destiny trademark. This logo is included below.

Podophobia Entertainment was founded in 2006, but is currently listed as inactive. Two trademarks have been registered under its name: ‘Destiny’ and ‘Be Brave.’

Bungie closed a 10-year publishing agreement with Activision Blizzard in 2010, though the developer has confirmed it will not be attending the E3 this year. However, the studio has confirmed it is working on a multi-platform title.