13 Sep

The more observant among us gamers have found a new platform referenced in Steam’s service support page library: the Xbox 360. The discovery has many analysts scratching their hands, as most of the year’s major announcement venues for Western audiences (like E3 and Gamescom) have already passed.  Valve has yet to respond to the rumor. The developer/publisher has previously expressed interest in expanding the digital download platform to the 360, but claim to be unable to make that decision due to Microsoft’s tight hold on its Xbox Live infrastructure.

(via Sixth Axis, through GamePro)

Cross-platform Steam/360 play a likely possibility, EGs? What would you want to see from a potential service partnership? Put your thoughts down in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Rumor: Steam Coming to the 360?”

  1. If that is true, then holy crap! Microsoft giving up a little bit of control of LIVE is history. Thought I doubt that there will be cross platform gaming between 360 and PS3, but if there was, then gaming has reached the point where I wish it was years ago. Cross Platform play is the way all 3rd party games should be played as it involves everyone and competition is greatly increased (especially with fighting games).

  2. I hope this means more ‘cross platform’ play aswell, even though alot say PC players will ‘wipe the floor’ with console players in First Person Shooters and Real Time Strategy games(just can’t beat the good old keyboard and mouse) I think if it’s balanced the it could be great.

    I loved this idea when Shadowrun was released, I really like that game it’s nice overall and didn’t do that bad in sales etc but Microsoft shut down the Fasa Studios, the developer of Shadowrun, when they should have been supporting them all the way.

    If this isn’t what steam is coming to 360 for then who cares =P

    1. Yeah well that happens when Microsoft got scared by “elite” 360 players got the floor wiped by average PC players.

      I would love to see it happen though cause that should be the natural progression of gaming. I would love to see racers and fighting games do the same thing. More people to play against is a bonus for all. Segmenting by console is stupid now a days. People will buy the console they like and 3rd party multiplayer games should not be hampered by the console company’s online structure.

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