26 Oct

By now the gaming world is abuzz with the sheer flood of possibilities a simple logo could mean. Rockstar’s announcement of a debut trailer (out next Wednesday, November 2nd) for Grand Theft Auto V came with a title screenshot and no other details. As expected, such a challenge has brought out the conspiracy nut in everyone with a blog, leading to a massive fold of speculation on what a green roman numeral could mean.

All the big names have long since drafted their expectation manifestos (Kotaku’s sources point to Los Angeles and multiple protagonists), but amidst the usual GTA insanity, at least one plausible theory has emerged. Said theory has spawned from Reddit user “lunishidd”, who posted a scan of a 19th century five note (pictured below) bearing iconography remarkably similar to Grand Theft Auto V‘s number lettering.

The bill was one of many printed around 1899, a silver certificate featuring the visage of Running Antelope, a Native American known for his desire for compromise – rather than war – with Euro-American forces during the Plains Indian Wars. The note gained controversy upon release, as Antelope (who died before the money was circulated) is pictured wearing a Pawnee head dress, rather than the traditional head dress of Antelope’s Sioux nation, which was too tall for the image engraving.

Given the success of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption, another pre-Industrial open-world romp may not be too much of a stretch. If the images are indeed associated, this would put the game a few decades prior to Redemption, and possibly use the tense relationships between the Native Americans and Whites as a narrative back drop. The biggest hitch in this theory is a rumored voice cast list for the game that features decidedly modern characters like divorcees, mobsters, and potheads.

Last we heard of GTA V was this past June, where production was entering the final stages and an early-to-mid 2012 release seemed “pretty likely”.

(via GamePro)

Could GTA V be turning back the clock to the Indians Plain War? Or do you think the more traditional rumors of an LA Grand Theft Auto are more likely to be true? What do you want to see from the latest in the seminal franchise? Give us your thoughts in the comments section!

One thought on “‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Announced, Rumors Abound”

  1. Were you been ElderGeek? this is yesterday’s news hahaha, just joking =)

    I can’t wait for that new trailer on Wednesday and definitely for the game, when I heard the music in the background of this announcement trailer I thought it sounded quite 80’s, especially the beats and jingles at the end.

    And the Green V and the band around it make me think of a either a biker gang tatoo like Mitch Baker’s in Vice City or Las Venturas in San Andreas.

    Maybe something to do with Wu Zi Mu(the blind China man that races and runs into walls haha), would be cool because he’s an interesting character, loves racing and stuff.

    What do you think it’ll be like, setting and character etc?

    “(Kotaku’s sources point to Los Angeles and multiple protagonists)” I hope this isn’t the case, I prefer just one very good main character, more focused this way I think.

    Friggin Wednesday, too long =P

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