01 Nov


Electronic Arts is branching Origin out from the proprietary digital distribution hub it was originally publicized to be. EA recently announced distribution of titles from Capcom, THQ, and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment starting in November. The specifics of the deal have yet to be made public. Origin currently boasts six million users, and recently introduced a beta for cloud game data storage.

“Since launch, we’ve had overwhelming support from both publishers and developers across the gaming industry, recognizing Origin as an opportunity to deliver more of their great content straight to consumers across the globe,” David DeMartini, Senior Vice President of Origin at Electronic Arts, detailed “We’re excited to welcome Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, THQ and Capcom as the first publishers to offer their games via Origin.”

“We are very pleased to partner with EA and have Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s key PC titles available on Origin,” said Greg Ballard, Senior Vice President of Digital Games at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, “In growing our digital offerings for consumers we want to give fans increased access to critically acclaimed titles such as Batman: Arkham City.”

“THQ is excited to work with Origin and to offer players another new, innovative way to experience the over-the-top fun of Saints Row: The Third,” Terri Schiek, THQ’s Senior VP of Publishing (Americas) stated, “We look forward to building our relationship with the Origin team, and to continue to deliver great content for the platform.”

“When we met with the EA team and discussed their long-term vision for Origin, we were excited to lend our weight to their efforts,” said Capcom Senior VP Christian Svensson, “We hope to expand our PC fanbase for our legendary brands on Origin.”

(via IndustryGamers)

Is this deal something that could make you sign up for an Origins account, EGs? Or has the siren call of Battlefield 3 already taken care of that? Comment below!

One thought on “EA Signs Major Outside Publishers to Origin”

  1. Oh the irony. EA said they never meant to make Origin a competing service to Steam. That has Bull$sh1t written all over it from the moment that was uttered.

    I will not get any game off of Origin, until EA changes their EULA stating that they can delete a game you haven’t played in two years, as well as your account if you don’t use it in two years.

    Also, I don’t need another distribution service and another password. As much as I want to play Battlefield 3, I think I will pass. There are also standards I have with games, like having a server tree in game, and not having to go through another service to get to another server, and other things. Oh, and I don’t want to have to open ports to be able to play my games, especially since my router seems to not allow me to open ports at the moment.

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