08 Nov

Multiple sources in France have reported a daring morning raid of a van carrying approximately €400,000 (approximately $550,000) worth of early Call of Duty: Modern Warfare copies on their way to retailers. The masked thieves managed to crash their vehicle into the van carrying the merchandise, and subdue the drivers before driving away with the loaded van. The thieves were reportedly equipped with tear gas and knives, with many believing the intent behind the robbery was to sell the unreleased MW3 copies on the black market.

(via GamePro)

One thought on “Van Robbers Nab 6,000 Early Copies of ‘Modern Warfare 3’”

  1. Don’t mean to ‘hate on’ call of duty(only joking I do really =P) but who the heck would want 6,000 of those when I don’t even want one of the rubbish things? hahaha =)

    Seriously though, I hate petty theft and it’s little things like this that go against whatever work the developers have done(good or bad).

    Don’t think the culprits will be caught, those are probably on ebay right now =/

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