21 Jan

In a game where you can create a tag team of a morbidly obese bearded man and a brown bear to fight a tag team of an equally obese non-bearded man and that guy from Infamous, non-traditional characters are expected. Even so, a recent trailer for Street Fighter x Tekken teases some pretty unconventional entrants from both Capcom and Namco Bandai’s catalog.

Judging by the two silhouettes that appear at the end of the video’s stinger ad for the Vita version of the game, the figures of Mega Man and Pac-Man are clearly visible and etched in the appropriate colors of blue and yellow, respectively. Mega Man’s stockier-than-normal build in the tease has lead to some speculation that the character is actually Frank West from Dead Rising in cosplay, although nothing beyond rumor has surfaced at this point.

(via 1UP)