04 Feb

A recent statement by Electronic Arts lists Bioware’s upcoming RPG-Shooter Mass Effect 3 as having not only a console and PC release, but a mobile one as well. EA issued a follow up to that statement to Kotaku, stating that “There will be “handheld/mobile” products tied to Mass Effect 3…They are part of the Galaxy at War system. We will have more details to share soon.”.

The specifying of the mobile releases being “products” rather than “games” has most suspecting some sort of connectivity between the multiplayer “Galaxy at War” missions and the broader story on the conflict contained in the single player campaign. Of course, it could just simply be a mobile display of leaderboard and other multiplayer statistics. We’ll likely know for certain as the March 6th release for Me3 draws closer.

What could a mobile extension of the “Galaxy at War” gameplay asset be, EGs? What would you want it to be? Give your thoughts in the comments section!