mass-effect-3-reaper 11 Jul

Eurogamer is reporting that voice actor Anthony Skordi (Maru-yatum in Dungeon Siege III) confirmed to them the existence of a new single player DLC mission for Mass Effect 3. Confirming many of the leaked script details that came with the space-opera’s “Extended Cut” expansion, “Leviathan” plays out as a mid-game story mission concerning a rogue Reaper of the same name. Leviathan has been ostracized from the rest of the Reapers for allegedly killing one of their own kind, and comes across Shepard during the human’s rescue mission at an Indoctrinated mining facility.

Expected to be announced officially during Bioware’s Saturday panel at the San Diego Comic Con (along with the equally leaked new “Earth” multiplayer DLC), it has been alleged that Leviathan the character will join Shepard’s climactic showdown with Reaper forces, likely as a war asset.

(via Eurogamer)