Misc Maine Featurebanner 07 Oct

According to a report by Game Politics, the republican party of Maine has launched ads targeting Democatic state senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz’s online “double life” in World of Warcraft. More details are included after the jump.

The ads focus on Lachowicz and her World of Warcraft Orc assasination rogue, with a full website dedicated to this and statements made by her in the context of her World of Warcraft activities over at http://www.colleensworld.com. The website is aimed to draw attention to her apparently hostile and violent comments, and the way in which World of Warcraft is distracting her from her job.

When asked for comments, Lachowicz stated that she was suprised by the attacks, and that there are millions of other gamers out there as well: “I think it’s weird that I’m being targeted for playing online games. Apparently I’m in good company since there are 183 million other Americans who also enjoy online games. What’s next? Will I be ostracized for playing Angry Birds or Words with Friends? If so, guilty as charged!”

Her Republican opponent has indicated he was not aware of the ads, and has stated he dislikes “mudslinging politics.”