Hitman SniperChalllenge Featurebanner 05 Dec

GamesIndustry reports that Square Enix has pulled a new Facebook campaign just four hours after it was launched, following widespread condemnation from both its audience and the industry. The application, which allowed users to place virtual “hits” on their friends, had users to describe their targets by several derogatory terms that would then be read aloud by Hitman-protagonist Agent 47 while he prepared his sniper rifle and studied the target’s profile picture. More information is included after the break.

Shortly after the app was made available, concerns were raised over the potential use of the system in cyber bullying. The campaign, which Square Enix confirmed as having been conceived by “BAFTA winning creative agency Ralph,” was pulled just four hours after it was launched.

Speaking to GamesIndustry, Square Enix stated that the messages sent amongst users were only visible to the recipient, and that it was only possible to place virtual “hits” on confirmed friends. Still, as a result of the negative feedback from the community, the company has apologized for any offense caused and has decided to pulled the application “completely and quickly.”

The application tied in with Hitman: Absolution, which was launched on November 20th for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. IO Interactive, the developer of the latest Hitman installment, was not involved in the development of the application. The Elder-Geek.com review for Hitman: Absolution is available here.