16 Apr

It’s been a good couple of weeks for Electronic Arts. The firing, lawsuits, and resulting controversy over at their competitor studio Activision has systematically landed them two lead designers from one of the most profitable game developers in the business, and their new exclusive studio Respawn Entertainment. Director of Corporate Communications Jeff Brown offered this […]

14 Apr

First it was Infinity Ward’s co-founders Vince Zampella and Jason West, then lead designer Todd Alderman and lead software engineer Francesco Gigliotti left, and now John Shiring, Bruce Ferriz and Mackey McCandlish join the pack. Shiring, a programmer announced, via his twitter account, that he is resigning from the Modern Warfare developer after six years […]

12 Apr

While the legal conflict between Activision and two former senior employees of Infinity Ward rages on, Jason West and Vince Zampella have found a new studio under the name of Respawn Entertainment. West and Zampella are currently the only confirmed employees of Respawn Entertainment, and they fulfil the roles of President and General Manager respectively. This news was […]