26 Oct

Fresh from a ground-up reboot, Blizzard DOTA is looking to be the centerpiece for a new Indie Marketplace-style distribution platform called “Blizzard Arcade”. Originally manifesting as the StarCraft 2 marketplace, a distribution model for user-created mods and maps, the current plan for Arcade is to expand the user creation marketplace to include all content made […]

02 Jan

Grab a drink. Kick back and let the haters hate. Here’s our recap of 2010.

02 Dec

Don’t think Blizzard gets tired swinging their ban hammer. The mega-developer just released the fury on a new collection of StarCraft 2 hackers and illegal players. No details were released on this specific mass-ban, but it appears that the situation is similar to the previous bans earlier this year. Blizzard has released an official statement […]

20 Sep

At the Bank of America Merrill Lynch┬áMedia, Communications, and Entertainment Conference, Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has stated that he expects his company to start selling the cutscenes contained in videogames separately to users within five years. Kotick believes that the quality of cutscenes as found in games like Starcraft II are of such high quality […]