ViacomLogo 16 Aug

The Wall Street Journal, citing anonymous sources, has reported that Sony has signed a deal with Viacom to deliver Internet-based cable channels and on-demand programming to Sony’s devices. Viacom’s content (MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and more) would come to PlayStation devices and Sony smart TVs. Later plans would see the service extended to tablets and […]

HarmonixMTV 18 Jul

The Delaware Supreme Court ruled against Viacom yesterday in the company’s lawsuit against Harmonix over bonus payments. The company must now pay $299 million to the studio’s former stockholders, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Unless Viacom appeals the decision, or the Supreme Court reconsiders the ruling, the decision will stand. Subsidiary of Viacom, MTV Networks, […]

06 Jan

The sale of Harmonix almost exactly one year ago came with a lot of financial baggage. Former parent company Viacom later sued the former shareholders of Harmonix for a refund of $131 million in bonuses that were previously paid out to the developer. The shareholders then counter-sued the media conglomerate for a hefty $700 million […]

07 Nov

Say what you want about the quality of Viacom/Gametrailers/Spike’s Video Game Awards (and we have plenty to say about it), but there is rarely a television event that packs more exclusive trailers and reveals into one night. For the 2011 ceremony, in addition to the official reveal of Alan Wake’s Night Springs, a new game […]