23 Sep

Who knew collecting and battling simply-named creatures would be a multi-billion dollar formula? The immense sales record of the Pokemon franchise continues with the Japanese launch of the Nintendo DS-exclusive Black and White installments. Already boasting 1.88 million pre-orders prior to launch, Japanese consumers bought another 2.55 million units across both versions in the first […]

11 Jul

Once you go white…you’ll…never mind. Japanese gamers are soon getting the option of a new PS3 Slim Model featuring an up-sized 320GB harddrive. The production of said hard drives are meant to phase out the manufacturing of 120GB and 250GB gradually, with 160GB drives becoming the lower-end standard for the system. The 160GB model will […]

20 Jul

Four exclusives for Sony’s platform received release dates from distributors like Ingram Entertainment today, and all of them have been slated for early 2010, much like Bioshock 2 and Fallout: New Vegas: God of War III – 03/24/2010 Heavy Rain – 02/24/2010 Modnation – 02/24/2010 White Knight Chronicles – 02/24/2010 MAG – 01/27/2010 However, a […]