18 Aug

Cologne, Germany – Patrick Söderlund, General Manager of Digital Illusions CE (most commonly known as EA DICE) introduced a new trailer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at the EA Press Conference in Cologne today. He also confirmed a that the game is currently set for a release on the 5th of March 2010.

Söderlund emphasized that the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 team is committed to taking on competition with Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, due November this year. He stated that they will do this by further expanding the vehicular combat concept, with the addition of a new transport helicopter and a quad-bike to the game. Another key aspect Söderlund promoted was something he called ‘Destruction 2.0’. He used an example that players will be able to disintegrate small pieces of walls, shoot holes through solid objects and even demolish entire buildings by well placed explosions.

Squad-play will be promoted further compared to the game’s predecessor and the game will feature team-based achievements. Similarly to the first Bad Company installment, players will be able to respawn near squad members, and players who have their rocket launcher equipped will be able to fire a homing-missile on vehicles that have been tagged by their teammates.

A new trailer for the game showed a Russian squad assaulting an US-held outpost.  Similar to the emphasis Söderlund placed during his talk, the trailer featured cooperation between squad members in order to accomplish goals. But the trailer also showed some minor changes to the original Bad Company, when a Sniper took out C4 charges and planted them on a tank. In the original, snipers were limited to other weapons and did not have access to C4. The trailer can also be found below.