15 Oct


The Golden Joystick Awards have been a popular avenue for video game fans to voice their opinions on the past year’s releases for almost 30 years. But for the first time in that history, however, polling for the various awards and honors have exceeded one million votes. Gamers still have the option to cast their vote at www.goldenjoystick.com until Monday, October 26th, so those interested better invest the time to give their opinion on over a dozen categories. The 15-gamer chosen categories can be viewed in their entirety after the jump.

Family Game of the Year
Bliss Magazine Handheld Game of the Year
The MSN Multiplayer Game of the Year
The ShortList One to Watch
PC Game of the Year
Mobile Game of the Year
Nintendo Game of the Year
Online Game of the Year
Xbox Game of the Year
PlayStation Game of the Year
Publisher of the Year
Retailer of the Year
The Rampage Soundtrack of the Year
The Amiqus Games UK Developer of the year award
The Ultimate Game of the Year together with Zavvi.com

“To reach the total of one million votes cast just goes to show how popular and mainstream video gaming has become with the Great British public.” said Emma Parkinson, Publisher at Future UK and organiser of the Golden Joystick Awards. “Once seen as the preserve of teenagers’ bedrooms across the nation, interactive entertainment and video games today form the cornerstone of British family social life, with consoles and PCs at the heart of almost every household in Britain and handheld games and and mobile phones in the pockets of millions. Gaming really is everywhere, and as this hobby becomes more and more important we’re pleased to have been able to give so many gamers the chance to vote for their favourite releases.”