20 Oct
September 2009 Hardware Sales August 2009 Hardware Sales
Nintendo DS/DSi 524,200 552,900
PlayStation 3 491,800 227,400
Wii 462,800 215,400
Xbox 360 352,600 210,000
PlayStation Portable 190,400 140,300
PlayStation 2 146,000 105,900

With the release of the Playstation 3 Slim and price drop late August, there should be no surprise that sales figures would shift towards Sony’s favor for the month of September having 491,800 PS3 units sold compared to 210,00 units in August. Microsoft has also had its far share due to their price drop from ~200,000 in August  to ~350,000 in September. With the current price drop for the Wii this month to $199.99, will Nintendo have similar success in the next NPD report? Conversely will Sony’s new portable designed system, the PSP GO moves sales figures as well?

5 thoughts on “September NPDs”

  1. I’m predicting a 60-80% increase in Wii sales and a modest 30-40 increase in PSP sales for next months report.

  2. Nice, we have an NPD report. The layout of this needs to be worked on, and it needs to include the top 10 games for the month, but it is a start.

    I would like to know how many PSP3000s and how many PSPgos were sold, they are two separate platforms, kinda like how the DS lite and DSi are the same but different.

  3. I hate NPD reports… they are really not very accurate. They don’t account for digital sales, Wallmart sales, or sales from any region other than NA.

    1. Well, NPD has stated that they are going to track digital sales, when that happens I don’t know. As for other stores, that is just plain stupid. Other Regions, I whole heartily agree, I want to see a total number of games sold period, the US isn’t the only region that buys games.

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