12 Oct

Welcome to the Elder-Geek.com “Top 30 Unique Guns in Video Games Countdown”. In this Fifth and final entry we list numbers 6 to 1.

6 – Railway Rifle

(Fallout 3)

Any gun that makes the “choo choo!” sound upon firing instantly deserves a spot on this list. Using old railroad spikes as ammunition, the Railway Rifle adds a little spice to the weapons in Fallout 3. When you aim at specific body parts in V.A.T.S. the spike will sometimes separate that body part from the rest of the body and nail it to the wall.

5 – Samus’ Arm Cannon

(Metroid series)

Not only is Samus Aran from the Metroid series one of the most famous female characters in games ever, her arm-mounted weapon is also one of the most unique and versatile weapons available. Housing a freeze-ray, missile launcher, a plasma cannon and a regular cannon, Samus’ weapon is more like a Swiss army knife than a firearm.

4 – Land Shark Gun

(Armed & Dangerous)

This gun literally devastates anything in its path. Coming from Armed and Dangerous, the Land Shark Gun fires a shark into the ground. The shark then swims through the ground toward its opponents and upon contact comes out of the ground to devour them. The fun thing about this gun is the shark keeps going after it has claimed its first victim destroying multiple adversaries.

3 – Morph-o-Ray

(Ratchet & Clank series)

Want to turn your enemies into chickens? Well now you can. The Ratchet & Clank Series is famous for having unique weapons in all of their games. The Morph-o-Ray transformed your enemies into chickens, and paved the way to let guns in later games transform enemies into sheep, ducks and even penguins.

2 – Gravity Gun

(Half-Life 2)

The Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 added a whole new dimension to gameplay to the first-person shooter genre. Rather than utilizing any form of regular ammo, the Gravity Gun is able to pick up any object and launch it with high velocity at a target. Being able to catch mid-air grenades and send them back as well as being able move around heavy object, the Gravity Gun was the first weapon to successfully integrate the objects found in the environment into a first-person shooter.

1 – Portal Device


The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device is mind-blowing the first time you see it. It is able to fire two different colored portals on flat surfaces and when you jump in one, you come out the other. This gun made the puzzle game Portal truly unique and a favorite among many gamers. The puzzles are creative and new, but sometimes it is just fun to shoot a portal on the ground and the ceiling and freefall infinitely.

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13 thoughts on “Top 30 Unique Guns Countdown 6 – 1”

  1. Samus’ arm cannon didn’t win?!

    I demand a re-do of this list. Robin is obviously a Valve fangirl. Two valve guns take first and second? Randy, you have biased staff members, and I demand them removed. 😛

  2. Man, no mastersword… I was really wanting it too.

    Oh well, it was a fun list, with plenty of obscure but awesome weapons.

    The portal devise should definitly be on the list… but I disagree with first… it doesn’t even do damage =)

  3. very nice finish. and i’m glad there wasn’t the laptop gun like i thought there might be, it’s just a glorified deployable turret.

    1. That’s not the Perfect Dark weapon I was hoping for. I was thinking more like the Reaper, Psychosis Gun, or FarSight XR-20.

  4. i thought unreal tournament and turok needed more guns in here, more so than perfect dark. those guys always did know how to make unique weaponry. ASMD core, flak cannon, cerebral bore, not much else is like them. resistance’s auger is pretty unique aswell with its shield and ability to shoot through walls.

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