08 Oct

Welcome to the Elder-Geek.com “Top 30 Unique Guns in Video Games Countdown”. In this third entry we list numbers 18 to 13.

18 – Lancer

(Gears of War series)

Few pieces of equipment are as manly as chainsaws and firearms. It is therefore not surprising that both regularly make their appearance in videogames. The Lancer from Gears of War however, combines these two pieces of equipment and forges one of the most gruesome weapons that have been shown this generation.

While the Lancer itself is a highly effective weapon with which to combat the Locust onslaught, the attached chainsaw makes this weapon incredibly effective in close-quarters. Only adding to the usefulness of this weapon is the fact that the chainsaw blade itself is the only direct defence players can have against an chainsaw-attack by other players. Therefore, it is one of the few weapons you are nearly forced to bring into combat, as you don’t want to be caught without it if your opponents are wielding its destructive power. This weapon single-handedly gave the phrase “bringing a knife to a gunfight” a whole new meaning.

17 – Kurt Hectic’s Sniper Helmet

(MDK series)

Part-time hero, full-time janitor: Kurt Hectic is sent down to Earth in the MDK series to stop an alien onslaught. To aid him on his quest, he is armed with an arm-mounted chaingun that doubles as a sniper rifle when attached to his helmet.

Capable of firing varying kinds of ammunition at incredible range, Kurt Hectic’s head-mounted sniper rifle is one of the most unique pieces of weaponry ever conceived by man.

16 – Alien Dancing Gizmo

(South Park)

From the original South Park game for the N64 and the Playstation, the Dancing Gizmo is only available in versus mode and does not do any direct damage to an opponent. Instead it sends the target into a dancing fit rendering them immobile. That is your chance to pelt them with one of the many other weapons from the game.

15 – Super Scope

(Super Smash Bros. series)

The interesting thing about the Super Scope is it started off as a toy and then made its way into games. Serving as the Super Nintendo’s “Light Gun,” the Super Scope had a handful of games, but was then seen in the Super Smash Bros. Series. It can fire either small shots rapidly, or charge up one giant blast.

14 – Injector

(Timesplitters Future Perfect)

The Injector from Timesplitters Future Perfect is one of those weapons that are downright nasty. While not doing any direct damage at all, a single dart sunk into an enemy will cause it to inflate. A single hit will inflate the target for a few seconds, after which it slowly deflates. However, when hit successively with the Injector, the target will continue to inflate until it explodes. Not only will this kill any target, it also deals “splash” damage to targets in the vicinity.

13 – The BFG

(Doom series)

According to the “Doom Bible”, the official name of this weapon, found in all installments of the Doom series, is “Big Fucking Gun”. And frankly, that is exactly what it is.

Able to kill most enemies in the vicinity with a single shot, this weapon is so incredibly powerful that even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was awed when he first picked it up in the movie-spin off.

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9 thoughts on “Top 30 Unique Guns in Video Games Countdown 18 – 13”

  1. The Groovitron from Ratchet & Clank had better be somewhere on here. R&C had all sorts of awesome weapons but the Groovitron was definitely one of the best.

    1. I have to say nay… the only weapon I want to see from R&C is the Rhino… it is the most powerful thing I have experienced!

  2. great choices, gotta love the sniper helmet in MDK. and you have to be a chick to not get a kick out of chainsawing someone with that bayonet.

    the BFG is legendary though, should have been a top 10 entry atleast :(

  3. My favorite weapon in TimeSplitters would probably still be the flare gun. That thing is insanely fun when used in multiplayer.

  4. I wonder if the Laptop gun from Perfect Dark will be on this list, man that is an impressive weapon, slap it onto a wall and let it fire. Also don’t forget that thing is deadly in its normal form too.

  5. BFG is of course on the list (although not as high up as I thought it would be)… and the MDK helmet is awesome (but not as awesome as a 4 armed dog with Uzies).

    I still have my fingers crossed for the mastersword

  6. Sniper Helmet and Super Scope… fantastic choices. However since the Alien Dancing Gizmo gun from South Park was mentioned, I declare this list the greatest list on Elder-geek.com

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