05 Oct

Welcome to the Elder-Geek.com “Top 30 Unique Guns in Video Games Countdown”. Over the remainder of this week we will reveal more winners every day, so stay tuned for more!


30 – Ebony & Ivory

(Devil May Cry Series)

The default weapon for Dante in the Devil May Cry series, Ebony & Ivory gave personality to your run of the mill infinite ammo handguns. Ebony & Ivory are staples in the series and while they don’t do much damage to enemies, they serve in keeping the combo meter alive while Dante closes in with his sword.

29 – Tanya’s M1911’s

(Red Alert Series)

First seen in 1996’s Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Tanya Adams is one of the most recognizable female game characters in history. Though her appearance has changed throughout the years, two things have stayed the same. Her guns. Or should we rather say, her cannons.

Able of disposing of hordes of enemy soldiers with rapid gun fire, Tanya’s dual pistols are perhaps the most powerful anti-infantry weapons ever to be carried by another infantry unit in a real-time strategy game, and therefore, they have made it onto our list of 30 Most Unique Guns in Games.

28 – Super Shotgun

(Quake II)

Shotguns have been amongst the most common pieces of weaponry in videogames. The Super Shotgun from Quake II however, is one of the most memorable by far.

Acquired fairly early in the game by means of a hidden level, the Super Shotgun was capable of turning almost all small-to-medium sized opponents into hunks of meat when fired at point-blank range. But what was perhaps the most recognizable feature of this weapon was the sound. The thunderous roar of two shells unloading into a target followed by the two tell-tale clicks of a pump-action shotgun makes this one of the most memorable pieces of equipment we have ever had the virtual pleasure of holding.

27 – Moonraker Laser


Anyone who has played Goldeneye knows about the Moonraker Laser and its unlimited ammo. Originally put into the extra mission Aztec Complex, based on the Moonraker film, the game also offered cheat codes so players could get the Laser and its immense power in any level.

26 – Chronoscepter

(Turok 64)

If you collect the eight pieces that make up the Chronoscepter across the eight levels in Turok, you have the game’s ultimate weapon. After a short charge time it fires a laser that explodes on impact and destroys everything around it. Be careful though, it only has a few shots… if you didn’t use the cheat code.

25 – Proton Pack

(Ghostbusters: The Video Game)

Even though it came from the movies, the Proton Pack added a lot of extra goodies for Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Putting in a slime thrower, a shotgun-like projectile, a stasis ray and a high powered meson collider along with the original proton beam, the Pack alters its appearance based on the weapon you are using.

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16 thoughts on “Top 30 Unique Guns in Video Games Countdown 30 – 25”

    1. Not such a fan of the new Tanya myself either… but there is no decent pic of any previous Tanya’s showing off their… guns.

    1. A few games cloned it, and I think it was argued that Valve took the idea from the DOOM 3 expansion pack, but I’m not too sure.

      I always thought the laser from Golden Eye looked like a turkey baster.

      1. You’re right! It DID look like a turkey baster! Straaaange. Man, when I was a kid, there were few things that I wanted more than a Han Solo blaster or a Ghostbusters’ proton pack. I didn’t want a ghost trap though. I was afraid I’d look directly at it and go blind.

      2. there was also a popular mod to starsiege tribes that featured the same thing as the gravity gun, in 1998.

  1. I kinda wish Ebony and Ivory would have been a bit higher… just because of the fact that they can hold a person in the air with the power of their bullets alone.

  2. I want to see the gunblade make the list… and no, not the gunblade from Final Fantasy, but the original… the Mastersword from Legend of Zelda… IT SHOOTS FREAKING LAZER BEAMS!

  3. Golden Gun man, it better be up there. It encapsulated the campy class of the Bond films with the overpowered ultimate weapon entertainment of the 90s multiplayer shooter gaming culture.

  4. “29 – Tanya’s M1911’s – …two things have stayed the same. Her guns”

    Wrong. in RA2 she clearly had two SIG Sauer pistols. watch the cutscenes

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