09 Oct

Welcome to the Elder-Geek.com “Top 30 Unique Guns in Video Games Countdown”. In this fourth entry we list numbers 12 to 7.

12 – Homing Pigeon Launcher

(Worms series)

Of all humiliating weapons that can be found in the Worms franchise, the homing pigeon is possibly one of the most notorious. With the ability to home in on almost any location above ground, the homing pigeon was a flexible weapon that promised deadly precision.

11 – Shrink Ray

(Duke Nukem 3D)

Duke Nukem isn’t the kind of guy that shies away from enemies bigger than himself. However, when he acquires the infamous Shrink Ray, size ceases to be a factor at all.

Being able to shrink enemies of most sizes to anything smaller than a single foot, is an incredible power. Especially when combined with ‘the boot’. As if shrinking alone isn’t enough, Duke does what he does best and squashes anything still foolish enough to approach him.

Misc Top30UniqueGuns - 10 - MegaBuster

10 – Mega Buster

(Mega Man series)

The blue bomber makes a triumphant addition to this list with his patented Mega Buster. In addition to firing the default laser shots, the Mega Buster can absorb the powers of the robot masters Megaman has defeated. This arm cannon is also known to be able charge up and fire the famous charge shot.

9 – Needler

(Halo series)

One of the most unique pieces of weaponry was found in the Halo series. Bright purple, with shades of pink and light blue, the Needler doesn’t appear to be one of the manliest weapons ever to have graced the virtual world.

Looks can be deceiving however, as the shards fired by this weapon home in on their targets and will explode when more than a few have lodged into their unfortunate recipients. It is not one of the easiest weapons to use, as the weapon deals virtually no damage when too few shards hit their target. When wielded by a skilled player, other players would do wise to fear the pink mist.

8 – Chemical Thrower


Flamethrowers are one of the most awe-inspiring weapons of all time. However, the Chemical Thrower found in Bioshock is one of the most unique available.

Not only does it manage to fire streams of napalm, it also has the capability to launch large amounts of liquid nitrogen, to freeze targets, and electric gel, that causes increased damage to mechanical enemies. Perhaps one of the most versatile weapons found in gaming.

Misc Top30UniqueGuns - 7 - Ripper

7 – Ripper

(Dead Space)

While it is in fact a simple mining tool, the Ripper from Dead Space is also one of the most fun-to-use and gruesome weapons on the list. Little more than a fast-rotating saw blade held a few feet in front of your character, the Ripper allows you to dismember enemies foolish enough to come within range.

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6 thoughts on “Top 30 Unique Guns Countdown 12 – 7”

  1. i dunno about that choice of the homing pigeon, considering worms is a game with banana bombs and mad cows there could have been much more unique and better choices. cant go wrong with the shrink ray.

    1. Agreed.

      Also, the needler was a one of those weapons that is form over function. With dual Needlers (aka Mufasa) you can for sure kill someone no matter what… but you will probably be killed first.

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