07 Oct

Welcome to the Elder-Geek.com “Top 30 Unique Guns in Video Games Countdown”. In this second entry we list numbers 24 to 19.

24 – Nikita

(Metal Gear Solid)

It might look like your average missile launcher, but what makes the Nikita unique is the fact that you can control the missile once it has launched for a short period of time. Snake utilizes this weapon in both Metal Gear Solid and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

23 – Rocket Launcher

(Unreal series)

The Unreal series is filled to the brim with over-the-top weaponry. However, one of the oldest in the series is the Rocket Launcher.

Though the design has changed several times over the last few instalments in the series, the basic premise has remained the same. Players can either fire a single unguided rocket, or use the alternative fire option to utilize the self-loading capabilities of the weapon and fire several missiles at opponents. Over the years, the weapon also received various upgrades such as homing capabilities, but the raw power of several rockets launched in unison remains as devastating as always.

22 – The SBC Cannon

(Serious Sam: The First Encounter)

The SBC Cannon, found in the Serious Sam series, looks like an ordinary cannon from the late middle ages. However, looks can be deceiving as this is actually a reverse-engineered alien weapon capable of firing man-sized uranium cannon balls at high velocity.

A single fully-charged shot will disintegrate most enemies foolish enough to cross its line of fire, and the cannon ball will roll and bounce through the area until it comes to a stop… where its existence is concluded with a massive nuclear explosion. Handle with care.

21 – Pulse Weapon

(First Encounter Assault Recon 2: Project Origin)

This is the ultimate weapon found in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. What makes it unique and extremely useful is the fact that one shot can kill many. The Pulse Weapon fires an orb of energy that moves slowly toward your enemies. On contact, the orb and the electrical charges being released from the orb turn them into crispy skeletons.

20 – Gunblade

(Final Fantasy VIII)

Instead of the main character always having a sword, Squaresoft decided to make Final Fantasy VIII innovative and give the protagonist a gun… AND a sword. Bringing back timed hits, Squall would squeeze a shot off of the revolver attached to the end of his sword mid-slash if you pressed the correct button and the right time while he was attacking.

19 – Cannon Spear

(Dynasty Warriors 2)

This might look like your average ordinary giant spear at first glance. You might notice a small enhancement when the head of the spear folds back to reveal a cannon. In Samurai Warriors 2, Tokugawa Ieyasu can lay waste to crowds of people with ease by firing multiple cannon balls with his charge attacks.

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9 thoughts on “Top 30 Unique Guns in Video Games Countdown 24 – 19”

  1. just gotta love the unreal tournament rocket launcher, such a classic. and it actually had the homing feature since the first unreal game :)

  2. Would have never expected the CannonSpear to show up… pretty awesome.

    I’m still hoping that the Mastersword will show up somewhere on this list. Of course, it will have to compete with the Gravity Gun and the BFG.

    1. Yea, Robin and Jesse definitely did an awesome job of picking these out! I was really psyched to see the Chronoscepter in the last one. I’m a huge Turok: Dinosaur hunter fan. I loved that game.

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