18 Nov

Spike TV is having their annual Video Game Awards on Dec 12th 8:00am PST. Nominations are now available so cast your votes for numerous categories at Spike.com. Halo: Reach is also having its unveiling during the live show along with other video game titles not mentioned at this time.

4 thoughts on “VGA 2009 Nominations/ Halo Reach World Premiere”

  1. I hope the viewers votes won’t decide who the winner is, but rather, the critic’s choice will get the award and the viewer’s pick is said underneath the winners.

    If the viewers vote decide the winner, we are going to have another Twilight incident (Refering to last years MTV Movie Awards).

    1. The critics have always chosen. But it would be nice to see what the masses said. And haven’t they usually had 5 choices, on GT they are saying 4.

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