25 Dec

EEDAR, the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research has release sales figures for 2009.  As a whole, 1,099 games were released this year as opposed to 1,092 the year previous. Jesse Divinich, spokesperson of EEDAR states that, “”For just the current generation home consoles (PS3/360/Wii), 2009’s release quantities increase the total availability of games to consumers by 55 percent. Unless retail shelf space grows by the same amount–and it isn’t–than the retail shelf life for an average game decreases dramatically. “  In terms of video game released in relation to gaming platforms, Divnich noted that  DS and Wii has significant bumps in their release numbers despite drops in console sales early on in the year, while Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 were slightly down and would be lower if not for digital distribution. Divnich predicts that there will be a 5-8% drop this coming year due to industry and marketing trends seen from the previous console generations.

2 thoughts on “EEDAR 2009 Video Game Release Analysis”

  1. Too many shitty Wii and DS shovelware titles. Horrible abominable games that are so bad that retailers and distributors don’t even like to stock them. These are the kinds of games that people don’t know if they released or not. The kinds of games that get pushed back every single week for months on end. But I was also right about my claim that the PSP is floundering–considering it had only a few more games than the PS2 of all things.

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