26 Feb

Earlier this month, we reported that DLC would be available for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on launch day. Now, with the release of the game less than a week away, EA has further detailed the content that will be available.

First of all, a content package including two all-new maps will be made available free of charge at launch day. These are part of EA’s “Project Ten Dollar”, which is designed to provide free DLC to the original purchasers of EA products, but for which those who purchase a second-hand copy of the games will have to pay additional fees. This system was earlier implemented in games such as Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2.

The additional maps will be known as Laguna Alta, a map playable in Conquest mode, and Nelson Bay, which will be playable in Rush mode. At a later (currently unspecified) point in March, additional DLC will be released free-of-charge, which will make the maps Arika Harbor and Laguna Presa available in the Conquest and Rush modes respectively.

PC users will receive the content as part of regular game updates. All new copies of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will include a VIP-code that can be used to purchase both content packages. Users without a code will be able to purchase one via the in-game store for the equivalent of $15. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be released for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in the United States on March 2nd, and in Europe on March 4th.

3 thoughts on “Bad Company 2 Gets DLC Maps at Launch”

  1. So the PC game gets free maps no matter what, that is awesome. I kinda like this model, reward the people that buy your game outright. Of course you could do the smart thing and rent the game first to see if you like it, then buy the game if you want to keep playing the multiplayer, or single player.

  2. I was actually wondering if they’re also doing this to counter renting. Players who rent a game will not have access to all content they might want, but I can’t think of an effective way to counter this (but hey, it isn’t my job ;))

    I think consoles should actually have an online rent option. I have no idea what rentals cost (there is no such service here in the Netherlands) and it might be difficult to implement, but if you look at the upcoming Game Room thingy for XBLA, it is already somewhat implemented. You pay a couple of Microsoft points to play a single game, or you can just purchase the game and play it indefinitely.

  3. I like and dislike this kind of marketing at the same time. I understand that they are trying to boost their sales numbers, and this would eliminate a lot of resale bonuses… but at the same time, if you are unaware of this fact, you will not recieve the full product when you buy a used copy.

    At least it is only multiplayer maps (something I care very little for), but if you do like multiplayer, you should probably buy the game new anyways.

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