11 Feb

Nintendo takes the lead in both hardware and software sales as the Nintendo Wii and New Super Mario Bros Wii takes the number one spot in the charts 3 and 2 months in a row respectively. Mass Effect 2 had a great 6 day run in January selling around 570,000 units (2 million internationally according to EA). On the flip side Bayonetta, although with it’s high praises didn’t make the top 10 list having been released the first week of January.

Hardware Sales
• Wii — 465,800
• Nintendo DS — 422,200
• Xbox 360 — 332,800
• PlayStation 3 — 276,900
• PlayStation Portable — 100,100
• PlayStation 2 — 41,600

**Numbers based on units sold

8 thoughts on “January NPDs”

  1. I like the picture of Iwata holding the Wii with one hand and three fingers up in the other (3 months in a row). Makes it look like he’s gloating about the figures.

    I’m actually a little surprised about Bayonetta, especially with the publicity it achieved.

    1. If I remember right, that was in 2006 when Nintendo revealed the Wii. Still haven’t gotten a Black Wii, I wanted one, would have been awesome, especially if it had a black slot light.

  2. I wish they would make the list the top 20, that seems better than just 10.

    And I wish they would include PC download sales. That accounts for some serious numbers some months. I would have liked to see the sales numbers for Valve during December, that would have been crazy, probably would have taken a couple of weeks just to figure out who did what, unless it was all counted and put in numerical order.

  3. Super legs. Seriously, Mariokart Wii and Twilight Princess are both really old, and both are still sold at full price because of these legs.

  4. This is very typical…

    Amazing games that receive high praise yet are innovative and new such as Bayonetta do not sell well at all… yet games that are just more of the same such as Super Mario Bros Wii and Mario Kart(and to a lesser extent ME2 which was just a polished version of the first one) sell like hotcakes.

    Sigh, and people wonder why innovation in gaming is a dying concept.

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