27 Apr

Image courtesy of Beyond8bit.com

The fight between current Fallout franchise right holders Bethsoft and original developer Interplay has been long and arduous one. What began as a financial disagreement over the re-release and possible future use of the first two games in the post-apocalyptic RPG series, with a federal court deciding in favor of Interplay. Bethsoft quickly reported its plans to continue action against the company in the appeals process, but a recent SEC filing from Interplay reports that Bethsoft has since dropped the appeal. With Bethsoft folding, Interplay can now continue its work re-releasing its classic IP and work on the MMO Project V13, although it expects further action to be taken by Bethsoft in some form.

“Interplay will continue to defend its rights and to pursue its Counter-Claims against Bethesda, for among other things, Breach of Contract and Declaratory Judgment and an award of damages, attorney fees and other relief,” reads the official filing.