18 Apr

Although hacker group Anonymous recently halted their attacks on Sony (allegedly for closing their platform and restricting its consumer’s use of their own product), the organization has said they are far from finished with the electronic s company. Anonymous has begun organizing protest demonstrations against Sony at many of their outlet stores worldwide.

Anonymous’ main grievance with Sony is that the company reportedly forced sites like Paypal and Youtube to given private user information in their legal battle against those even remotely associated with George “Geohot” Hotz. The hacker group has released a press statement urging people to become active in boycotting Sony products.

“Where the judicial system has failed, Anonymous will persevere, by standing up for the rights of everyone, not just those who dared to challenge these corporations. GeoHot’s belief was in the freedom of information dissemination. We will stand with him.” – an excerpt from Anonymous’ statement.

One thought on “Anonymous Isn’t Finished With Sony”

  1. People like them need to die in a fire. They’re not helping anything or anyone. All they’re doing is making companies and countries feel the need to tighten down MORE. I wish they would just freaking go away.

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