11 May

Image courtesy of Tech Extant

Contrary to recent reports of a delay in re-launch of the Playstation Network until the end of this month, Sony states that there is no such deadline exists. A spokesman for the electronics company, Patrick Seybold, clarified that nothing has changed (Venture Beat, via Giant Bomb) from the company’s previous update on the matter from last Friday, which extended the previous re-launch deadline until further notice.

Another false report, this time from CNET, on a rumored third attack on the network was proven false after no such hacks were made this past weekend. the speculated time of attack. The website has claimed that Sony might have prevented the attack, having gained early knowledge due to their publicity.

The news doesn’t end for Sony there. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal (D); having previously sent demands to Sony for answers on the attack both individually and as part of a House Subcommittee of Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade; praised the company for its swift response to Government queries and its promise of a year of free data protection services to its customers.

“While I continue to believe that Sony should have warned users earlier, I am pleased they are providing protective measures including an insurance policy to cover identity theft harms to consumers within a 12-month window — but I would hope Sony would extend coverage over a longer time on a case-by-case basis if necessary.” Senator Blumenthal commented in a statement.

It’s not all positive news for Sony, however, as AAA publishers are starting to let their complaints be heard. Capcom, a large investor in the service with a majority of both its backlog and recent efforts available on the service, claims to have already lost some significant revenue from the outage. Responding on the company’s forum, Senior Vice President Christian Svensson estimated that “hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars” have been lost since the network went down. “These are funds we rely on to bring new games to market for our fans,” Svensson elaborated, “[the hackers are]punishing millions of other consumers and businesses.”

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