20 Sep


In a dual video (above) and email message sent out to all Netflix subscribers, company CEO Reed Hastings issued an in-depth apology for the company’s handling of its recent price hike. Included in this apology was the announcement that the company is spinning off its DVD-by-Mail service branch into its own separate corporate entity, named Qwikster.

Officially launching in a few weeks, the rebranded service will be adding video game rentals by mail to the service lineup, but will retain the same plan structure as in Netflix’s recent price hike. Netflix proper will retain its current platform of streaming content, and maintain the streaming-only plan for $8/month. Qwikster users – or current Netflix mail and/or mail + streaming subscribers – will have to create an additional account on the new site, as well as receive separate bills.

Will this bring back any EGs that may have fled in the mass exodus of Netflix users post-price hike? Is this rebranding just a half-baked attempt to continually downgrade Netflix’s DVDs-by-mail service into oblivion? And how do you think this will affect services like Gamefly? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Netflix Rebrands DVD-by-Mail Service, Adds Video Games”

  1. I didn’t really leave, my card expired and I didn’t feel like putting in the new expiration date. That and come March 1st, all of Starz Media content will be removed from Netflix (Starz wanted Netflix to have a tiered streaming plan, charge more for their content, and Netflix said no), which means a good portion of content will go away. That and Sony Pictures content is not being offered on the service.

    I will wait and see what happens with them, but since I am going back to school next week, I won’t have time to watch a lot of stuff on the service (I basically paid them $10 for the last 9 months to keep one DVD for that time and not use the streaming service).

  2. Saddly, I have a feeling Qwikster will fail hard for a couple of reasons…
    1)Qwikster is a stupid name and more importantly, it isn’t Netflix. It’s weird how a name can do that, but it is kinda the same reason Nintendo isn’t droping the Wii name from the Wii U.
    2)The change in price made a lot of people realize that they would hold onto the same dvd for months. So now they have the chance to get rid of that part of the service.
    3)Qwikster is a stupid name… oh wait, I already said that.
    4)The rise of Redbox is huge, and Im not sure if a subscription based model can compete.

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