09 Feb

EA has sent out the first details on the Mass Effect 3 mobile release – dubbed Mass Effect: Infiltrator. Originally unveiled in a release statement from EA regarding the Bioware RPG, the game is a third-person shooter focused on missions where you rescue hostages from Cerberus and uncover evidence of the pro-human organization’s many crimes. All completed missions increase the player’s overall “galactic readiness” for the console/PC game’s ultimate final chapter, although no details on how one transfers the mobile data to the game proper have been released.

In less official news, a Gamestop customer has reportedly walked away with a voucher for ME3‘s first DLC package. At $10, the “FromDust” DLC seems too pricey for a costume or weapons pack, and is apparently in no way related to the downloadable Eric Chahi game of the same name. A receipt for the code (above) was sent to Joystiq.

(via IGN [1,2])