MassEffect Misc 120920 19 Sep

Following news that the remaining two founders of BioWare have left the company, the general manager at the company’s Montreal and Edmonton studios has confirmed that a new installment in the Mass Effect franchise is currently in development at the company. CVG reports that Aaryn Flynn has stated the new installment is currently in the planning phase, even though the story arch of the franchise up to this point was concluded in Mass Effect 3. No additional details regarding the game were released.

The game is supposedly being planned to go into development alongside a currently unannounced project in a new IP. This new project is being developed from the “bottom-up with all new gaming technology,” suggesting that this may be a project aimed a next-generation platforms. It is unclear which development teams at BioWare are currently involved in the development of this unannounced project, though Flynn did confirm that executive producer Casey Hudson is working with the project leads to create a unified vision for the project.