Steam Featurebanner 02 Oct

Valve has issued a press release earlier today to announce that the first pieces of non-gaming software have launched onto its digital distribution platform Steam. The feature rumored earlier this year and officially confirmed by Valve in August. More details are included after the jump.

The first pieces of software include GameMaker, a free-to-use suite that can be used for game development. More extensive features for GameMaker are available for purchase, but games created with the free (limited) version of the package can be uploaded to the Steam Workshop for free. In addition to this, Steam also offers benchmarking software, a 3D modelling application, illustration software, and photo-editing software. All software will be available at 10% off for the upcoming week, to celebrate the launch of the new feature.

Just as with games on Steam, the new software will make use of the cloud-saving feature of the platform, allowing users to access their files everywhere they have access to the platform. No information is currently available regarding software that will be launched in the coming months.