gaikai-logo 22 Jun

Anonymous sources close to Fortune have reported the cloud gaming streaming service Gaikai is seeking to sell the company for around $500 million. Between successful funding from firms like Benchmark Capital (which recently helped Journey-makers thatgamecompany go multiplatform) and partnerships like their recently announced deal with Samsung, Gaikai has raised a reported $45 million, but […]

06 Nov

Machinegames joins Arkane Studios, Tango Gameworks, id Software, and of course Bethesda Softworks as yet another studio brought under the Zenimax umbrella. Formed by veterans of Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay developer Starbreeze Studios, the Swedish studio was formed just last year. The buyout was confirmed via Swedish business records unearthed after rumors […]

05 Oct

Linden Labs, the creators of the leading virtual community of Second Life, have reported that they have been “entertaining” buyout offers from Microsoft. TechEye has reported on a supposed twitter message from a Linden Labs employee stating that “A little birdie told me that Microsoft may have silently offered to buy Linden Lab this week…entertaining […]