MicrosoftandNokia 03 Sep

Microsoft has acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services business in a $7.2 billion cash deal, GamesIndustry reports. The deal also gives Microsoft the right to license all of Nokia’s patents and mapping services. The deal includes €3.79 billion for “substantially all” of Nokia’s Devices and Services business and a further €1.65 billion to license patents. The […]

03 Feb

Disney has officially announced its acquisition of Indian-based game developer UTV, and its publishing arm UTV Ignition (El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron). According to the BBC, the original deal was proposed to the Indian government last month, the cabinet just recently issuing its approval for the final move. UTV has yet to issue a […]

16 Aug

And world domination looms ever closer for Google. The tech company announced a surprising acquisition earlier today, of Android partner and hardware manufacturer Motorola. The deal – for $12.5 billion or $40/share – moves Google into the hardware business side of things, although company spokesmen state that the intent is to allow Motorola to continue […]