03 Feb

Disney has officially announced its acquisition of Indian-based game developer UTV, and its publishing arm UTV Ignition (El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron). According to the BBC, the original deal was proposed to the Indian government last month, the cabinet just recently issuing its approval for the final move. UTV has yet to issue a […]

06 Jan

The Stop Online Piracy Act currently making its way through the various chambers of the US government has divided not only the gaming populace at large, but the gaming development community. Epic Games recently announced its refusal to support the bill on the company’s official forums. The studio’s senior PR Manager Dana Crowley posted a […]

06 Dec

Following years of conflict between the Australian Ratings Board, the Australian Government, and game developers, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has reported that the current Labor government will support the creation of an “Adults only”¬†classification¬†for games. In the past, some games were refused a rating within the country, as the highest rating available was 15+. This […]