06 Dec

Following years of conflict between the Australian Ratings Board, the Australian Government, and game developers, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has reported that the current Labor government will support the creation of an “Adults only”¬†classification¬†for games. In the past, some games were refused a rating within the country, as the highest rating available was 15+. This […]

18 Feb

Michael Atkinson has been getting a lot of flak recently, as the Attorney General held responsible for the recent string of censorship and video game banning in Australia. In a recent interview with ABC TV’s Good Game, Atkinson spoke out on his immovable stance against the possibility of the country adopting an R18+ rating, and […]

17 Dec

The Australian government has come under a lot of slack from the gaming public across the globe for its censoring of multiple high-profile releases over the years. With its current maximum rating only covering the 15 and over demographic, many officials in the government are open to the possibility of creating a newer rating for […]