07 May

UPDATE: Sony’s deadline from last Sunday of “within one week” has been delayed. Read about it direct from Sony here. Every day brings new Playstation Network news, so here’s your latest batch. Sony President Howard Stringer has released an official, open apology to all users for the outages. The letter reiterates a lot of thoroughly […]

25 Mar

Michael Atkinson has been the focus of many headlines as of yet, not many painting the Attorney General for Australia in a good light. After referring to gamers as “more dangerous like bikers” and coming out against a prospective mature, 18+ rating in the country, it appears that Atkinson will be leaving his post by […]

18 Feb

Michael Atkinson has been getting a lot of flak recently, as the Attorney General held responsible for the recent string of censorship and video game banning in Australia. In a recent interview with ABC TV’s Good Game, Atkinson spoke out on his immovable stance against the possibility of the country adopting an R18+ rating, and […]