25 Mar

Michael Atkinson has been the focus of many headlines as of yet, not many painting the Attorney General for Australia in a good light. After referring to gamers as “more dangerous like bikers” and coming out against a prospective mature, 18+ rating in the country, it appears that Atkinson will be leaving his post by […]

18 Feb

Michael Atkinson has been getting a lot of flak recently, as the Attorney General held responsible for the recent string of censorship and video game banning in Australia. In a recent interview with ABC TV’s Good Game, Atkinson spoke out on his immovable stance against the possibility of the country adopting an R18+ rating, and […]

17 Dec

The Australian government has come under a lot of slack from the gaming public across the globe for its censoring of multiple high-profile releases over the years. With its current maximum rating only covering the 15 and over demographic, many officials in the government are open to the possibility of creating a newer rating for […]