26 Jan

The city of Anaheim just lost a major source of summer revenue for this year. Blizzard’s first annual Battle.net World Championship eSports tournament is taking the place of the canceled BlizzCon this year. The event, taking place in Asia, was announced via Battle.net blog post, and will focus on challenges featuring Diablo III, WoW’s Mists […]

16 Nov

After numerous Blizzard-officials have expressed their interest in expanding¬†Diablo III to consoles, an official announcement regarding this possibility has been released on the Diablo III community website. The messages states that the studio is currently looking for new employees to fill some “senior console-related positions.” Though the game is being developed to be played with […]

01 Feb

Though news concerning Blizzard’s ¬†highly anticipated hack & slash RPG Diablo III is scarce, Kotaku has managed to obtain ten new screenshots for the game. They can be found after the jump. Announced in June 2008, the game has not yet received a solid launch window. However, in November 2009 Blizzard stated during a presentation […]