08 Jul

More changes are coming to Sony’s Playstation properties. Similar to EA’s Online Pass, Sony will be implementing a “PSN Pass” on exclusive releases, a one-time code that will offer access to online features. The upcoming feature was discovered yesterday by Konsolentreff, which published pictures of a Resistance 3 bundle that advertised the “PSN Pass”.

20 Aug

Following their announcement of the Playstation Store hosting digital downloads of comic books, Sony Computer Entertainment released further details on exactly how players will be able to get their hands on their favorite “funny books.” Similar to the separation of the Games and Video sections of the Playstation Store, a new section for Comics will […]

18 Aug

Cologne, Germany – Alexander House, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, recently announced a digital reader feature for Sony’s portable platform, the PSP. Joined onstage at this year’s GamesCom by Ira Rubenstein of Marvel Comics, the two demonstrated the initial feature of the new service, Digital Comics. Specifically, Marvel debuted its support for […]