11 Oct

Konami and Marvel Entertainment have announced that they are currently preparing an 18-year old arcade classic for re-release on Playstation Network and the Xbox Live Arcade. X-Men Arcade, as this re-release is known, was originally released for arcade cabinets in 1992 and was simply known as “X-Men“. The game features a set of six X-Men, […]

31 Aug

Mickey Mouse just got an edge. The family-friendly multimedia empire has just successfully purchased the comic-book staple for a reported $4 billion, Disney already expressing interest in bringing the Marvel character catalog into their existing film and television outlets. This combines the over 5,000 characters of Marvel Entertainment with the near-century long Disney history, with […]

20 Aug

Following their announcement of the Playstation Store hosting digital downloads of comic books, Sony Computer Entertainment released further details on exactly how players will be able to get their hands on their favorite “funny books.” Similar to the separation of the Games and Video sections of the Playstation Store, a new section for Comics will […]