28 Oct

Sony Online Entertainment streamed a press conference not too long ago where they announced the official start date for the superhero MMO DC Universe Online‘s transition to free to play. Come November 1st, players of all walks of consumerism can enjoy taking missions from classic DC heroes and villains. The move was announced last month, […]

12 Oct

NPlay, a publisher of browser-based F2P titles, has announced that it has recently rolled out a massive update to its first-person shooter BeGone. The update, which has been rolled out in several phases over the last month, introduces new maps, maps, and features significant improvements to the networking code. The game, developed by Proton Studio, […]

28 Sep

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, the former Vice President of EA and currentĀ chairman of the German free-to-play browser-title developer InnoGames Gerhard Florin stated that while releasing a game in the Asian markets is likely to result in an influx of a new active users for free-to-play titles, these markets generally provide very poor returns for both developers […]