11 May

Lady Gaga and Zynga already have a history: the pair mutually raised over $3 million for Japanese relief funds back in March. The duo is now expanding their partnership, as announced yesterday, to include GagaVille. The expansion to Zynga’s genre-defining FarmVille, the new acreage will allow fans to explore lands populated with unicorns, crystals, and […]

16 Mar

… or at least, it is if you decide to eat at the place targeted for mass-poisoning as depicted in the recently released “Telephone” music video by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. Amongst other ingredients used to make the poison, “one cup of Tiberium” is added into the mix. Tiberium, the green crystal that forms the centrepiece in the original Command […]

11 Mar

Harmonix and MTV Games recently announced a four-song pack coming to the Music Store from pop phenomenon Lady Gaga. In addition to “Bad Romance,” “Just Dance,” “Monster,” and “Poker Face” being available as a track pack and individual songs, the popular cover version by South Park character Eric Cartman will also be made available with […]