26 Jan

A limited series run of dolls has been announced by the BigBadToyStore, officially endorsed with Mass Effect 3 multiplayer downloadable content. The characters of Mordin Solus, Garrus Vakarin, Legion, and Miranda Lawson have all been transmogrified into figurines ranging from 6.7″-7.25″ tall. No specifics have been released concerning the DLC, but the site does hint […]

16 Nov

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShIbfBvNuDM[/youtube] UPDATE: New trailer (above) confirms February, 2012 release date. Sony recently confirmed that Jak and Daxter will be joining their fellow exclusive franchises God of War and Sly Cooper with a bundled collection for the PS3.  Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001), Jak 2 (2003), and Jak 3 (2004) are all confirmed to […]

11 Nov

Blizzard recently announced the departure of over 800,000 World of Warcraft accounts between the months of July and September of this year. The MMO’s total head count is now at around 10.3 million, down 1.7 million from the same time period last year. WoW‘s 12 million pinnacle first took a hit of 600,000 subscribers between […]