12 Jun

Atlus could be one of the smartest companies of this generation. Why? Because of their investing in the last generation. The biggest developer / publisher still making / releasing exclusive titles for the Playstation 2 (that aren’t cheaper ports of next-gen titles,) Atlus has a major chunk of the largest install base in history practically […]

20 Apr

Stealth games were made for me and I was made for them. I hope that doesn’t say much about my personal character, but there something I totally love about outsmarting my enemies, sneaking up on them and dispatching them without being noticed. It fills me with a sense of satisfaction that I don’t get while playing other types of video games. It’s almost adrenaline. So when I hear a stealth game has been released, I try to snatch it up as soon as possible. I give all of them a fair chance—even the abysmal Vampire Rain: Altered Species—hoping that I’ll discover a sleeper-hit.