MoltenLogo 25 Jul

Former Blizzard, Relic Entertainment and Sony Online Entertainment developers have formed a new San Diego-based studio called Molten Games. Former senior director of global community development and eSport at Blizzard, Paul Della Bitta is Molten’s chief product officer. Blaine Smith, who was lead designer on Pox Nora for SOE and also lead designer on Company […]

CompanyOfHeroes2 11 Jul

Sega has filed a claim against THQ for $941,710.93 in Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders through Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam. Sega purchased the Company of Heroes franchise along with its developer Relic Entertainment for $26.6 million during THQ’s bankruptcy auction in January. Sega is claiming a priority of $508,977.85. The amount which Valve allegedly paid THQ […]

THQ Featurebanner 23 Jan

THQ has sent a letter to its employees to announce that most of its studios and publishing contracts have been sold to other publishers