23 Sep

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One day ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, EA held a press conference to showcase their line-up for the show. A summary of the items discussed can be found after the break.

Tsumuji EATGSConference Image 1

EA revealed a new game exclusively for the Nintendo DS. The game is called Tsumuji, which roughly translates to Whirlwind. The game revolves around a Ninja, that is completely stylus-controlled. Little other information about this game is currently available, it is also unclear whether this game will be released outside Japan. A screenshot from the game can be found to the right.

A new trailer for FIFA 10, due for release in Europe early October and in the United States on October 20th, was also shown at the press conference. Furthermore, live gameplay from Army of Two: 40th Day was shown. This sequel will place more emphasis on cooperative play than its predecessor, as players will be separated from one another more often and must perform actions to aid their partner while not being in the same location. Trailers for Dead Space Extraction and MySims Agent were also shown.

Speaking about the upcoming Nintendo DS racer Need for Speed: NITRO, a EA Producer stated that the game would be accessible to players of all ages. He also stated that the career-mode of the game would be available to the public at the TGS, and that players start out in Rio de Janeiro with the “crappiest cars in the game”.

At the conference, EA and Valve also announced that a demo for Left 4 Dead 2 would be available October 27th. Additionally, it was stated that the game will feature 5 different cooperative game modes, as well as a yet unannounced multiplayer mode. The is set for a worldwide release on November 17th and will be available on the PC and Xbox 360.

Concerning the action/adventure Dante’s Inferno, EA revealed the “Lust” chapter of the game. This second ring of Hell will, according to the EA representative, contain epic bosses as well as puzzles. Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra will function as one of the bosses in this regions. A gameplay picture showing Dante and Cleopatra can be found below.

DantesInferno EATGSConference Image1To conclude the press conference, EA revealed a new level for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The game will include more than 40 weapons, 15 gadgets, 15 vehicles and in total over 15.000 possible kit customization options. The presentation ended with the claim that EA DICE has “the best online multiplayer experience of 2010”.

Surprisingly, no announcement was made with respect to the statement made at the TGS last year that EA was to publish a game cooperatively developed by Resident Evil-creator Shinji Mikami and No More Heroes-designer Goichi Suda. Speaking to Joystiq after the press conference, EA Japan CEO Rex Ishibashi stated that announcements regarding that project would be made in due time, but that the project is in fact still alive.