11 Aug

Kotaku reported today that according to undisclosed sources, developer Gearbox Software is currently working on the ill-fated Duke Nukem: Forever. After developer 3D Realms defaulted last year, development on Duke Nukem: Forever was apparently halted after having been in constant development for over twelve years. Legal battles ensued between developer 3D Realms and publisher Take-Two Interactive.

According to the sources, the game is currently in development at Gearbox Software and will be released under the name of this studio. In addition, one source indicated that a demo for the game will be made available later this year. Earlier this year, it was indicated that Gearbox had at one time been working on a prequel to the Duke Nukem series, known as Duke Begins.

Take-Two has confirmed that it does indeed own publishing rights to the current title, but would not comment on whether or not the game is in development. Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, also refused to comment on these speculations, but indicated that he may be able to better clarify the current situation at PAX Prime 2010, which is set to be held from September 3rd until September 5th in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Awesome sauce, I will find out this info for sure! Man PAX is looking to be chalked full of awesome gaming news, and demos and such. Now to plan out my schedule with my buddy when the schedule is released.

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