02 May

Heads Up Display or HUD for short is a fast paced news show featuring everything you need to know about the gaming industry, and nothing more.

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PSN Drama:


New Soul Calibur:


Assassin’s Creed Revelations:


Voiceover and writing by Gavin Greene.

Editing and video by Mats Paasche.

5 thoughts on “HUD: Continued PSN Drama, New Soul Calibur and Assassin’s Creed Revelations.”

    1. Why do people say this. I know 4 people with PSN+ and they all love it. They get free games all the time and get some cool bonuses. It more than pays for itself with a yearly subscription (although the content might not be what you want it to be).

      Also, Sony plans on releasing some free content to make up for the down time as well.

      1. The best bonuses PSN+ gives you are the discounts on games. Sometimes it is half off, while other times it is just 10-30% (or so). If I had a bunch of disposable money I would probably get PSN+ just for that reason (saving money on games and getting free ones, plus themes and stuff). It isn’t a bad deal at all, and it helps to pay for the network services they provide to everyone else for free.

  1. Never been too intrigued with PSN+, but we’ll see how it goes. All I want to do is change my contact info on my PSN account, not being able to do so makes me uneasy

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